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I think CB here might have a valid point. Art is a form of expression (visual storytelling and narration) which in an of itself is meant to further a message.

Richie, I am thinking of my favorite poet, Dante Alighieri. He wrote the "Comedy" in a new style and language (of the people) to spread a message about how he viewed the liberal times he lived in. Alighieri was a conservative who eventually had to go-- he spent his later years in exile, a condition he much regretted and for which the characters of his time, and work, paid dearly in Hell and Purgatory.

The Comedy was called Divine and studied as a work of art, but it really was a modern manifest during Alighieri's lifetime. I won't go as far as calling it a blog, but indeed it was a vehicle used to lament a condition and make sense of the world and political climate of the times.

Valeria, thanks for your comment. I was admiring your approach to the carnival, so appreciate your nice words. Re: the other comments above.... Art originally developed as a form of advertising - to promote religion and honor religious donors, to capture royal figures... and certainly to appeal to the purchaser or patron or sponsor of the art. No? Shakespeare created Romeo & Juliet to entertain, to send a message to his audience and had to connect with that audience to communicate effectively. Very happy to experience your blog thanks to the carnival and the Z list. Happy 2007!

For me the difference between art and advertising is that art has no other message than itself. With advertising, no matter how entertaining how enlightening the advert, the message is to buy a product or service.

Of course, to be effective, great advertising has to use the tecnhiques of great art--chiefly some insight into the human condition.

When an advert gives us something new, something fresh, even if it's just a good joke, that's when people take the message to their hearts.

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