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Joe, that line deeply inspires me as well.

Cultivating the servant heart is a spiritually purifying experience. When one leads from this space, control becomes unnecessary and remarkable / miraculous outcomes unfold.

Valeria, torchbearer and servant heart -- I am elevated by your energy and presence. Philadelphia CoF holds a special place in my heart because it is a community of connections rather than transactions. A rare gem...


You nailed the key to success in just about any endeavor that involves other people:

"Instead of trying to recruit others to help me, I set out to figure out how to recruit myself to help others."

It is with a servant's heart that we can reach our goals.

There may be situations that require leading from the front. These are typically short-term and situation-specific to a milestone towards a long-term goal. Leading through others versus feeding the ego to have to lead from the front is engaging, successful, freeing, and more fun!

Mario -- yes, the pruning analogy works well in the spring. You do sound very Italian by name, are you? Sometimes looking at things from a slightly different angle makes an enormous difference in the contribution we can make.

Richie -- this is such a treat to have you back in this forum, and in rare form. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, I think the most difficult action step for me is taking no action. At least not how I envisioned it.

Lewis -- that one sentence saved me more time and effort over the years than anything else I could be writing in this blog.

Jen -- so glad you could stop by. You have been a fantastic gift to the network and to me personally. Thank you. I like the autonomous interactions piece. Often we feel the need to control interactions as the only way in which they may be meaningful. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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