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Really nice way to look at the split. I had the same thing happen to me.

That aside, your posts have been excellent lately. I'm behind on my reading and I'll need to carve out some time this weekend to catch up. One thing about your writing is that it cannot be skimmed, it needs to be savored.

Joe -- if you ask enough people about their opinions, everyone will "add value" and tell you something slightly different. That's why resonance is important. You are making precisely my point: sometimes good enough works because what's important to us is not so to others. I don't think the answer is as easy as boiled down what one would wear on a t-shirt. There are lots of brands I enjoy; yet I would not be caught wearing their T-shirt.

Toby -- The links are all unique so you just add them up, there is no duplication. Links to my domain URL are captured on that list and links to the Typepad address are captured on the other one. My ticket with Technorati explained the duality for tracking purposes only... obviously a ranking is lower that is split between two, or in your case 3, URLs.

Valeria - if you find what ranking you get by combining multiple links picked up by Technorati would you please let us know? I have 3 unique urls that T-rati tracking; sent them an email and never heard back. I'm sure lots of other people would appreciate the information too. Thanks!

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