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Andrey -- a Russian in Milano, you must have a fantastic story to tell. And from our initial conversation by email, as in your comment here, you seem quite passionate about LinkedIn and its value. I have written extensively on social networking in recent weeks so feel free to dig in and I'll do the same with your blog.

Richard -- another communicator, welcome. I see from your blog that we have some people in common, as well as some ideas. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to join.

Some of my clients encouraged me to join Linkedin for some time before I finally did. It sat idle for some time, but now the benefits have become apparent.

I almost lost contact with a friend/business associate, but quickly found her online. Answering and asking questions has opened up some conversations and connections.

Like anything, some networks give back what you put into them.

All my best,

Very nice article, Valeria.

What's for me- LinkedIn is working, it has worked and it will work even better now! For me and the group of people (now The Milan-IN Board) we started a LinkedIn Club here in Milan two years ago-

Linkedin is about people, if you're not a Head Hunter 'coz those need "the heads" or I'd better say CV's.

We're normal people, we use LinkedIn because it's the biggest in the world database of high-profile people, it's the great tool that gives to the one that's able to use it, lots of possibilities for career growth, searching for business partners and employees, and all other that a good on-line database with some nice social features could provide.
Plus it has some "magic spirit", thanks to the power of their brand.

what's missing here? the HUMAN factor, I told here "LinkedIn is about people" but however until you really meet them those are just profiles. In some best case those are "profiles with a soul", but there's something missing anyway!

what? Social Networking 2.0, it's the thing we trully believe in,
and it's the goal for why did we start two years ago Milan-IN, the Milan-City Club of LinkedIn Users, the Club that has recently become the first OFFICIAL LinkedIn Club in the World!
And we're proud of it (of course :lol:).

But apart from that award, we know the Social Networking 2.0 works better than just the traditional Networking (on-line), of course in a combination with "the on-line" power.

It has worked for us and now we have Social Life 2.0
so now I am very honest now when I say "LinkedIn is about people!".

you may want to check this-

Thank you,
Andrey Golub, co-founder && IT/Web Manager- Business Club Milan-IN

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