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Cam -- and I do understand those mechanisms as I've lived them as an insider. Over the years, I partnered with marketing companies and agencies to present those concepts to executive teams. Aside from working on the business plans and most of the communications briefs, I see my role as helping address all objections and present in a language that carries the power of profit potential.

Ryan -- on the other hand, what is the cost of missed opportunities? Another way of presenting the information is to slice the percentage of market desired and potential compared to spending. And then being rigorous about measurement and proof.

"When it's not our dollar footing the bill, it's easy to forget just how far out on a limb we are asking our clients to go. We need to know our stuff."

Right on, Cam. A lot of "perfect world" thinking sounds great (and most likely works) but it may not be feasible.

I think the next major push in business will be to find cost-effective ways of achieving that "perfect world."

Way to go, Ryan! Thanks, Valeria, for doing this.

One thing I'll add is that the short-term thinking that seems to plague business decisions is based on valid fears. Marketing companies don't always get to interact directly with the decision-makers, and even when they do, they still must contend with the same fears, just with fewer layers of translation. It's important that we understand that so that we can best address it.

When it's not our dollar footing the bill, it's easy to forget just how far out on a limb we are asking our clients to go. We need to know our stuff.

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