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It's all about the experience. Especially in businesses that tend to get commoditized: banking, autos, travel. Create the right experience to connect with clients and your great product will get noticed. Starbucks isn't about the coffee, Southwest isn't about the planes, ING isn't about the savings rates. These (and many others) companies provide the right experience to enable clients and soon-to-be clients connect with the brand.

Lisa -- I'm one of those people who cannot wear orange, although it gives me a sense of joy and energy (see this blog). We are really looking forward to having you.

Ben -- that was such a fun event... the dinner afterwards was even better. I'm glad the place made you feel at home. We'll have to do it more often, and maybe one day I will also come to Chicago; it would be my first time.

I love that ING cafe. I saw it again on my return trip to Philly the other week, and of course it reminded me of hanging out there with you years ago!

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