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I always think it is strange when someone explains that it is time to rebrand. What does that mean? Often it means that management is sick of the way the company positions itself. Or worse, they want to "put their own stamp" on the company.

Like you and Drew say, it is easy to get sick of your own message ... but your customers are the ones that count.


I so enjoyed reading your book. It's filled with great ways of thinking about all the work we're already doing and provides more ideas on how to make it even more effective.


If I knew you were going to write such nice things -- I would have sent you two books! :)

Your points about direct mail and some of the other "traditional" marketing tactics is right on the money. It's easy to fall in love with what's new and forget about the workhorses that we take for granted.

Thanks again for the shout out and kind words. They sound even better with that Italian lilt!


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