Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ask Away: Storytelling in Marketing, Mark Goren -- Part Deux


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Mark -- you provide opportunities for feedback on your site, social bookmarks already do some of that. Someone could stumble you, etc. without telling you directly, for example. Tracking and monitoring need to be customer/audience-based. An opt in vs. a push through.

C.B. -- we will do more of these in various forms and topics. This is what conversation is all about: peers and ideas mixing it up. Thank you for your kind words.

Valeria, great concept and conversations with this series. Definitely thought-provoking, too. Congratulations, too, on being included in The Viral Garden's Top 25!!!

I see where you are both coming from, but I'll reword the question: How would you "tag" someone who passes through a website and then goes on to give you the positive result you're looking for (not sales related)?

How can you track and monitor this relationship?

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