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You have what it takes to make it happen, too. Our group has been around for a while (Fast Company readers' network) with almost 500 members now at various stages of activity. I hope that by cross-pollinating the information for both on this post, we can really rev up the engines of this quiet revolution.


Thanks for the mention on your blog. You're right, Philadelphia has been at a tipping point for some time now; that's presumably why National Geographic Magazine named Philly "America's Next Great City" last year.

As I spread the word about BlogPhiladelphia (which isn't just a blogging event - it's a 2-day open discussion about web 2.0/social media), I have the privilege of meeting more local talent who are blowing my mind.

The creative pool quietly living here in Philly are making things happen. The national press follows Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, while the Philly scene is about to rock everyone with a Philly funkadelic 3.0 jawn.

Can't wait to get all those brains in one room in July!

Alex -- it was really good meeting all of you the other evening. I have been a long term fan of Philadelphia and contributed to put it on the map with Fast Company magazine. Let's tip the point, together.

David -- I see where you're coming from, and agree that relationships are important to develop and cultivate. I also see the point Alex makes on stretching goals.

Alex -- I often challenge my own comfort zone by exploring and expanding horizons. I think we evolve the conversation when we allow ourselves to think we can learn and do more and different.

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