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Hi Valeria,

I love all your ideas!

For the sake of conversation, what if you couldn't implement any of your ideas (cost, timing, staff, whatever) and you had to rely on a social network of some sort to get people to enjoy your coffee?

Some of the best food and drink experiences in many towns are the 'local bar'. You expect the chairs to be a bit mismatched, the bar to have cigarette burns, etc. Nothing flashier than a neon Summit Brewery sign. Yet the bartender knows your name, the beer is cold, etc, etc.

Or the great breakfast place that makes hashbrowns like no other...even though there are only eight seats in the entire restaurant. This is the engagement Drew mentions.

Do marketers create ideas for the opportunity to create ideas? Or are they pinpointed with the theme, client, and overall experience and brand promise in mind? Or do they feel compelled by clients to put several ideas in front of them because they feel that is what is to be delivered?

Just conversation questions...


It has been absolutely instructive to read all of your recommendations. To me habits are formed after experiences and engaging the senses, especially when it comes to coffee, seems like a winning proposition.

Valeria, JavAroma is fabulous! I love the way you weave in the human element throughout this re-birthing experience. I have seen the idea of keeping a personal mug at some brewhouses, but this is a great idea for a coffee house, too! A real sense of belonging. Well done, my dear!

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